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 "For several years it has been my pleasure to collaborate with Mark Duval CMT on patient care.  He is an outstanding massage therapist, and has an excellent understanding of musculoskeletal pathology.  I have great confidence in his ability to help maintain and augment my patient's post rehabilitation status. His mastery of yoga has also been very helpful to my patients as well."

Physical Therapist
Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

"For many years, I have had the pleasure of Mark sharing his knowledge and expertise on Myofascial Release, Accupressure and Postural issues with Dental Hygiene students in a course I instruct at Kalamazoo Valley Community College on Orofacial Myology.  His information is excellent and his passion for what he does is evident. He truly understands the musculoskeletal workings of the body and his work in massage therapy and yoga have helped hundreds throughout his years of practice."
Becky Ellsworth, RDH, COM
DHY Instructor at KVCCPrivate practice COM at Kalamazoo Speech Associates

"After several months physical therapy for  plantar fasciitis in both heels which prevented me from walking easily for almost 2 years , I went to a trusted chiropractor. After 6 months  of chiropractic, he recommended Mark for fascia release massage.  In one session I felt much better, 3 sessions the heel pain was gone."
"Currently Mark is working on what was diagnosed as an atrophied muscle in my calf—the fascia release has freed the muscle and am able to start building the strength back.   I am always amazed at how good I feel in the days after the fascia release sessions."

Suzanne Cook

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